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Built on a tradition of excellence for over 72 years, NSCS believes that school buildings are built with bricks and mortar, but school communities are built with passion. It is NSCS’s passion to build up intellectual, articulate, confident, God-minded, and God-fearing individuals.  Having been equipped to think with both their heads and their hearts, our students are compassionate individuals who are critical thinkers and strategic problem-solvers. Our students leave our school buildings prepared to impact those around them.  

Recognizing that the world is changing at an increasingly rapid rate and coupled with an increased desire from parents to have their children experience a non-public school setting, there is an urgency for NSCS to have larger facilities to create more admissions capacity across our campuses. This will require consideration of options to expand existing facilities or identify new facilities to better accommodate all NSCS programs. NSCS is committed to instructing children in a Christian school context, so to develop individuals who are able to articulate their thoughts and ideals within a 21st century climate.  This is the School’s priority, along with a desired outcome to produce students who will stand out as persons who possess godly integrity and intellectual capacities and who are prepared to continue their educational journey beyond NSCS.

As was the case at our inception in 1951, it remains our desire to produce individuals who are justice oriented, for Kingdom’s sake, and who can navigate the demands of our changing society.  The design and implementation of NSCS’s Strategic Plan is to be viewed as a living document, to be used as a framework with which to propel the School into the future.

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