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FACTS Tuition Management and Payment Plans

North Shore Christian School partners with FACTS Tuition Management to provide 4 payment plans. These plans enable you to spread your tuition payments over a maximum of 12 months to ensure tuition payments are manageable for your family. All NSCS  families must enroll in FACTS, and select a plan. For your convenience, invoices for services, including after-school care, enrichments, sports and field trips, are also billed through FACTS and can be paid through the NSCS/FACTS parent portal or NSCS App.

A $500 deposit, that is applied towards the annual balance, is required within 2 weeks of (re)-enrollment. For payment of the tuition balance, the following plans are available:

Plan A     
One payment in full on or before May 15, for re-enrolling families ($20 fee applies).  
One payment in full, within 2 weeks of enrollment for new families ($20 fee applies)  

Plan B     
Two equal payments, the first due May 15 and the
second due December 15. ($50 service fee applies)  

Plan C     
Twelve monthly payments debited from checking or savings account. 2 options are available: payments beginning in May and ending in April of the following year; or payments beginning in June and ending in May of the following year.

Plan D     
Late Enrollment Plan - for families who enroll after June, payment plans will be shortened to ensure that tuition is paid in full by May, prior to the last month of school. For example, a family who enrolls in late August, will only have September through May to make payments (9 months)