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Grades K-8 Uniform Policies


(KINDERGARTEN - GRADE 8 *Includes, Home-to-School Connection Students)

Please Note the Following:
• Our uniform policy has been set in place to ensure a cohesive and unified appearance among our student body.  
• Parents/Guardians will be called to bring in proper uniform attire if students are not in uniform compliance.  
• Uniforms are to be worn everyday unless it has been announced in advance. 
• The expectation is that all uniforms are free of holes, tears, and stains. 
• Please refer to Lands’ End School Uniforms (preferred School Code # 9000-3122-0) to view all permissible uniform options.  Any uniform items purchased outside of Lands’ End MUST be exact look alike as Lands’ End or they will not be permitted.    
• NSCS never wants the purchasing of uniforms to be a financial burden to our families and so we have Uniform Exchange locations on both our Beverly & Lynn Campuses.  All uniforms in these locations are free for the taking.  Feel free to take what you need, and if your child has outgrown a uniform that is in good repair, feel free to leave it for someone else.  
• A Special note to our Home-to-School Connection Families: NSCS requires our HTSC students be dressed in a similar fashion each day to that of our full-time students, with the only exception being that clothing items do not need to bear the logo.  Clothing items should resemble that of our full-time students.  Jeans and T-Shirts are not permissible. 

Click Below for Detailed K-8 Uniform Policy

P.E. Uniform Grades K-8

The NSCS P.E. uniform must be purchased though the North Shore Christian School Spirit online store.  Sneakers must be worn on all PE Days.