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Our Mission Statement is clear about our desire to work in harmony with our parents. NSCS believes we have an incredibly unique opportunity to partner with parents in these formative years of a child’s life, as we together build a strong foundation that will support our students’ spiritual well-being for their lifetime.  

NSCS is intentional about creating relevant and meaningful experiences for students that will promote healthy God-honoring habits in the way of thinking, speaking, and living.  As faculty and administration consider the varied needs and developmental milestones at each grade band, careful attention is given to patterns and expectations that are built into the natural rhythm of the school day through programming and curriculum.  

While a place of learning first and foremost, NSCS is also a place of growing in wisdom, which is very different from growing one’s intellect. And wisdom that comes from Heaven is pure (James 3:17) and offers protection (Proverbs 4:6).  Therefore, an overarching goal that is embedded in all programming and instruction is the opportunity for students to work through their faith, to ask hard questions, to wrestle with God’s truths, and to grow one’s understanding of the Evangelical Christian faith and what it means to be in relationship with Jesus. While the approach may look different in each grade, the ultimate goal is to guide children in and along a path that brings them closer to their Creator and helps them to construct a strong Christian Worldview.  It is not mandatory, nor are our students indoctrinated, but rather opportunity is provided both directly and indirectly, for students to experience the richness of the Faith as they learn through the lens of the Evangelical Christian faith.